In Africa they say it takes a village to raise a child, but for today’s children and future generations, it’s going to take a village that cares for them to grow and thrive in a safe and healthy environment.

Every year Canada uses an estimated 15 billion single-use plastic bags and more than 55 million plastic straws are used every day.

It takes more than 500 years for a plastic bag to degrade, breaking up into microplastic that continues to pollute our environment and waterways - harming both marine life and human health. The question shouldn’t be, “Why should I?” but rather “Can I afford not to?” when it comes to changing our attitude towards single-use plastic and the quantity of trash we generate.

About Us

My husband, our three daughters, two dogs, and a cat have called Canada our adopted home since immigrating here on a freezing day in December 2016.

Social media images of a plastic straw lodged in a turtle‘s nose and a seahorse’s tail wrapped around a discarded Q-tip affected my youngest daughter deeply. The lengthy discussion that followed at our kitchen table in Oakville, Ontario about single-use plastic (SUP) and the dangers of microplastics led to the birth of Envi Products in June 2019.

As a family we have tried to live by the three Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) wherever we found ourselves and have introduced a fourth R, replace, into our daily lives fairly recently.

It was here, in Canada, or so we thought, that we were truly able to recycle. We were very disappointed, however, to learn that only 9% of Canada’s plastic waste generated each year is recycled and much of it ends up in our landfills.

Our newly adopted country made international news at the beginning of 2019 when containers of Canada’s garbage were sent back from the Philippines. Surely, the solution is not to export our own trash? We, as a developed country, should be taking care of our own garbage and not selling it to places that are ill-equipped to process it safely.

So Envi is my small way of giving back to the country that has welcomed our family with open arms. Hopefully, our combined efforts to reduce our consumption of single-use plastic, and our trash in general, will leave lasting positive effects.

A special shout-out to not only my husband and kids but also to all the incredible, inspirational and talented women I have in my life that continue to support all my endeavors. Without you none of this would be possible.

May this be the start of a wonderful journey together, as we create a better world for ourselves and future generations by turning the world green with Envi.

Thank you for visiting my website and remember… great things are achieved by a series of small things brought together.