Finding an Eco-Friendly 'Poop-Bag'

I’ve been in search of an environmentally friendly poop bag for Milo (our dog) for ages and unexpectedly came across an ‘eco-friendly’ brand at the local pet store. The bags are unscented, quite large and guaranteed leak-proof.

Getting back home with the bags I immediately jumped on the computer to do a bit of research as there isn’t a lot of info on the box itself with regards to what they are made of or how eco-friendly they truly are.


The bags are from the brand ‘earth rated’ and are in fact only biodegradable. Not perfect, as they are still made of plastic. An EPI additive helps them break down but the bags are not compostable. On my zero-waste journey, I have discovered that the ‘buzz words’ we all look for aren’t necessarily what we thought they were. Biodegradable isn’t all it's cracked up to be.

Biodegradable materials degrade and even though they eventually disappear completely they can leave behind microplastics, chemicals and metal residue. Compostable, on the other hand, are materials that are non-toxic and decompose back into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass when composted.

The exercise in finding an environmentally friendly poop bag was not a wasted endeavour. I’ll use up the ones I bought for now. ‘Waste not….want not’ and all that. The same company imports compostablepoop bags made from vegetable starch and can be purchased on-line if unavailable at your local pet store. A bit more expensive but I think well worth the price.

If you have another brand of compostable poop bag you can recommend please let us know.